2K injection moulding saves time and money

One of the specialities of Technique Plastique is 2K injection moulding (two-component injection moulding). Here we employ some very advanced machinery that lifts 2K injection moulding to a much higher level. With 2K injection moulding, it is possible to combine two different types of plastic in one injection moulding process. This allows us to integrate multiple features in one product: for example in the products pictured here; combinations of hard and soft plastics, or for making different colour combinations.

2K injection moulding benefits

The 2K injection moulding technique makes it possible to produce a completely assembled product so that no further operations have to be carried out. This means gain in cycle time, a constant process, a higher degree of efficiency and the avoidance of manual marquetry. And because post processing or assembly is no longer needed, we can significantly reduce your costs using 2K injection moulding.