Engineering plastic products is an art

Technique Plastique is highly experienced in the engineering of new plastic products. We are a professional partner from the idea phase to the production phase. Based on your needs, requirements and ideas, our engineering department can make the most ideal technical product designs. Our aim is to continuously deliver original and innovative engineering solutions, both at product and production level.

Engineering starts with good advice

What plastic is suitable for a product? What about the manufacturability? What are the requirements of the plastic product as regards safety and regulations? These are all questions that you can ask our engineering department. Thanks to our years of production-technical insight into the injection moulding of plastic products, we have the experience to provide you with excellent and proven advice.

Test models plastic products

The engineering of a plastic product starts with a simple outline followed by a 3D drawing. From a 3D drawing, we can easily and quickly develop prototypes. For this we use STL samples (3D prototypes) so that you can evaluate the products and can actually test them. When we have found, together with you, the right solution, we proceed to making the moulds and the rest of the production process will follow.