Plastic of the highest qualityt

The quality of our plastic products is one of the most important aspects within our organization and we work continuously to both monitor and improve the quality. For example, we have a separate air-conditioned measuring chamber including a 3D measuring machine which enables us to carry out measurements, both with a camera as well as with a probe, on the plastic products. Our plastic products are produced in a strict, climate-controlled environment. We also meet the HACCP requirements for producing packaging applications. And furthermore, we have a modern clean room for the production of medical applications.

The quality of our plastic products, processes and organization is controlled according to the following quality management systems:
• ISO 9001-2015
• ISO 13485-2016

Track-and-trace system
Thanks to our track-and-trace system, all the raw materials used in injection moulding are traceable. We can trace at all times when a product was produced and which machine and process parameters were used for the injection moulding.

Socially responsible entrepreneurship
Besides quality, socially responsible entrepreneurship is also an important factor in our organization. We work with an awareness of the world around us and have set up an environmental management system (ISO14001). Using this environmental management system, we control and reduce the negative environmental impact of working with plastic for the benefit of both Man and the Environment.