The mould is the basis of injection moulding

To a large extent, the quality of the mould determines the quality of the plastic product and the reproducibility of the injection moulding process. Making a good injection mould is not an easy task and should be done very carefully. Therefore, we only work with a select group of professional and highly-experienced toolmakers at home and abroad. The moulds are designed and manufactured under our guidance as quality, functionality and reliability are of paramount importance.

Moulds in all shapes and sizes

Because we have been working for years with moulds ranging from extremely small to large, as well as simple and highly complex moulds, we know exactly what price/quality ratio of the mould is best for your plastic product. Whether it is a test mould for single pieces or a production mould for millions of pieces of plastic products, we have the experience to know what requirements must be met on an injection mould. Virtually anything is possible.

Mould maintenance

We maintain both moulds manufactured in-house and those manufactured externally. Periodic maintenance is carried out on all our moulds according to proper procedures and with the correct resources so that the quality and reproducibility of the final product is guaranteed.