The endless possibilities of plastics

In a heated state, thermoplastic can be moulded into almost any arbitrary shape. We process an extremely wide range of high-quality plastics (with the exception of PVC), ranging from bulk commodities such as PP, PE and ABS to high-performance materials such as TPU, PPS, COP and PARA. We are true specialists in injection moulding. We know the specific characteristics, possibilities and limitations of all types of thermoplastics.

Plastics with unique properties

The different plastics offer diverse and advanced features. For example, there are plastics that are very strong and durable while other plastics are just soft, elastic or transparent. Together with you, we examine what features are important to your product. For one product, an antistatic property may be important while, for another product, thermal protection, chemical resistance or UV resistance may be needed. Due to the wide range of plastics, good advice is indispensable. We are always happy to advise you on what plastic will give you the best results for your application.