Safety at Work

Technique Plastique has, together with its customers,
developed a new security fencing system for protecting
those working on repairing railway lines. Technique Plastique
has undertaken an advisory role in product design, material
selection and the manufacturability of plastic components.
Meanwhile, under the guidance of Technique Plastique,
the moulds have also been created and taken into production.

Matrix signs

Technique Plastique has developed a complete module
for matrix signs based on LED technology. The module consists
of several plastic parts and we have supervised the entire
process: from the first sketch to production.

Package with a unique
function & appearance

Technique Plastique develops and manufactures customer-specific
packaging with unique functions and appearance. For this, use was made
of 2K injection moulding which makes it possible to produce the product in
different colour combinations.

More information about 2k injection moulding