How Technique Plastique operates

Technique Plastique wants to simplify things and so we offer a total solution for the injection moulding of plastic products.


    Any plastic product starts with a good idea Customers are always free to come to us with an idea that we then transform into a tangible plastic product. We can manage the entire process or only a part of the process depending on the customer’s wishes. But all our customers can count on good and clear advice and strong guidance.


    Continually developing plastic products Our engineers are all fully aware of all the latest innovative opportunities in the plastics sector. They are professionals with an eye for all the demands placed on a plastic product, for example, the functionality, choice of materials, mechanical properties, manufacturability, environmental influences and any future changes or updates. We will always create an accurate design for you that includes all the aspects that are important to your idea.


    Plastic product in concept Using 3D prototyping (or 3D printing), you get a good idea of the design. A printed product gives you something tangible so that you can accurately assess all the details of the final plastic product.


    Plastic injection mould Under the guidance of our engineers, a mould design is made in collaboration with a number of renowned mould makers. Before the creation of the design, it is extensively assessed for quality, functionality and reliability.


    Plastic product in production In our plastic injection moulding facility, we have all the high-quality technology required available to produce your plastic product in both large and small numbers. After the first test injection, and after the first products have been measured and approved, production can be started. After the injection moulding, we carry out an accurate finishing of the products and, where necessary, the assembly. We can also take care of your stock control.